Own your subscribers, sell newsletter sponsorships, and the best part? You don't have to write anything, because your uploads are the content!


$9.99 p/m
500 Subscribers
1 Send per week


$39.99 p/m
5000 Subscribers
2 Sends per week


$199.99 p/m
50,000 Subscribers
3 Sends per week

Every plan comes with...

  • Ability to place sponsor / merch / affiliate links in newsletter.
  • Customizable subscription page
  • Automatic subscription management
  • Support for Youtube, TikTok and Rumble.

Need something larger?

Please contact us to see how we can help your channel at

Is there a free plan?

Absolutely yes! If you have less then 10,000 aggregate subscribers on your Youtube, Rumble or Tiktok channels, email us and we can get you started for free. However, once you break 10k subscribers, you do have to pay.

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