Automatic Email marketing for Youtube, Tiktok and Rumble creators.

☆ Own your viewers.
☆ Sell newsletter sponsorships.
☆ Tell subs when you upload.
☆ No need to write.

De-monetization and outright banning from video platforms are always a risk.

No video platform shares the emails of your subscribers with you. So when something happens you're shit out of luck.

Start a newsletter, that uses your own videos as content so you don't have to write anything. Know who your users are, so when (not if) something happens you can take them with you to your other platforms.

Alternate income streams are an important part of every Youtuber's revenue plans.

Have sponsors pay more per CPM Than you would normally get through just Adsense, in-video sponsorships or affiliates.

In fact, the fastest way to sell your merch would be through the personal connection you have with your newsletter!

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